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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Water Legislation, Acts , Doctrines

Winters Doctrine     U.S. Supreme Court in 1908 in Winters v. United States

Water rights in Montana  Montana water law is contained in the Montana Water Use Act (Title 85, Chapter 2, MCA) of 1973

Montana Code Annotaded 2009       85-2-234. Final decree.

An attorney in California wants to represent Indian beneficiaries who object to the $3.4 billion settlement in the Indian trust fund lawsuit.
Darrell Palmer says the Cobell legal team is requesting $223 million in fees -- "one of the largest fee requests in US history." He also says lead plaintiff Elouise Cobell and the other named plaintiffs "are requesting huge and unprecedented awards." Palmer, who has experience in class action settlements, wants to file objections on behalf of beneficiaries "at no charge," according to his website, He plans to appear at the June 20 fairness hearing in Washington, D.C.
Here are possible reasons to object to this settlement:
If you qualify as a class member, you might be able to recover from $800-20,000 max.
1.   The class attorneys are requesting $223,000,000.00 in attorney fees - one of the largest fee requests in US history - to be paid directly from the pockets of Native Americans.
2.   The class representatives are requesting huge and unprecedented awards, ranging from $150,000 to $2,000,000.
3.   The notice to the class is confusing.
4.   There is no agreement for selling the trust lands.
5.   The claims period is too short and the claims process is too complicated.

Law Offices of Darrell Palmer specializes in class action settlements fairness reviews. 
Our attorneys will discuss your concerns about the Indian Trust Settlement with you at no charge and prepare and file your objections with the United States District Court in Washington, D.C. at no charge to you.  We will also appear at the final approval hearing on June 20, 2011.
Please contact us immediately via email:
or by calling 888-708-0098
Call now!  Your Objection must be mailed by Wednesday April 20, 2011.
To find out if you are a class member please visit the settlement website:


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